Sunday, April 3, 2011

Signs of spring

We have lost faith and doubted it at times, but we're starting to believe that spring is actually coming.  Yes, we still have snow cover in the backyard, but really, it's almost spring!  Here is the proof:

1. The garlic we planted last fall has started to sprout.  There are a number of green shoots that have made it above the mulch and snow cover.  It is GREAT to see living, green things outside.

2. Baby chicks and baby turkeys!  Peep peep peep....

3. The sheep look like they are ready to lamb any time now.  The ewes waddle around awkwardly these days; they usually carry twins so most have saddle packs on either side of them.  The udders on a couple ewes are getting pretty full, which is a sign that the time is near.  Every time one of us goes outside we check for babies ... we can't wait for the first lambs of the year!

4. The chickens are laying eggs more often and the quality is getting better.  As the days get longer the chickens we have lay closer to once per day and the eggs get more delicious.  Pretty soon we'll get the chickens on green grass full of bugs, grasshoppers, and other goodies - then the eggs will be even tastier still.  Mmmmmmm....

5. This is unrelated to the farm, but Betsy wore shorts on her run this morning.  Much better than last week when she wore two layers of thermal pants ... maybe next weekend she can ditch the jacket?

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