Friday, April 8, 2011

Pigs in the Driveway!

There I was, talking to my sister on the phone and my wife points out the dining room window.  She sees the cow jumping around all excited.  I stand up to look and from my perspective I can see why -- the pigs were running around the driveway and the other animals were quite interested.

We currently have the pigs in a large deep bedded area in our haybarn because they need some sort of shelter prior to giving birth and we didn't have anything setup outside for them yet.  I semi-calmly told my sister that I had to go because the pigs were running around the driveway and for a moment enjoyed how strange that sounded.

Betsy and I run outside and notice that the pigs had pushed a pair of three inch screws out of the 2x4 that was holding up the wall of their pen.  That it and of itself is pretty cool... anyhow, back to work!  We have to figure out how we're going to get the pigs back into the barn.

Fortunately, they were as curious as we were and followed us back into the barn.  A bit of corn was thrown back into their pen and they were quite happy to run back into their area.

Pigs are great fun!

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